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We have embarked on this project in order to capture the concept of “Wifey,” the concept that has become the bread and butter of our brand. We intend to honor this concept by compiling a coffee table book capturing different ideas of Wifey. What may be one man’s Wifey may not to another, but as we like to say, ‘Wifey is in the eye of the beholder.’

With creative concepts and beautiful photography by Lani Lee (www.lanilee.com), we are building a work of art, which we hope will contain something for everyone to identify with.

Adventures with my iphone on our travels :)

BTS - Marilyn Monroe Wifey Shoot in the city of angels…


hi guys. last month was amazing for the book. we really made some head way. i am super excited about what we shot and i look forward to putting up more behind the scenes images and maybe even a few sneak peaks. 

- lani lee

cheer wifey with jimmy jam!

Arizona: that’s a wrap, son.

Our last and final shoot was a success, we shot Miss Lia 19 in front of the McLaren for TITS (keep an eye out for the T-Shirt it’s gonna be HARD) and then we did a shoot for the Wifey book inside the Phantom… what a beautiful automobile… navy blue with butterscotch interior. The luxury cars were waiting for us in the gorgeous all white jet hangar (thanks to Rob for hooking that up) and we were able to shoot Lia for the TITS concept and the Wifey Book (Phantom, Men’s dress shirt, bottle of Veuve). The hangar shoot ended up being the least grueling of the week and we got out of there early enough to celebrate Lani’s birthday together. Marek found a hidden gem of a restaurant in the slums of phoenix and the birthday girl got to have some birthday cheesecake. All in all, Lani & Wifey team nailed 8 Wifeys and 8 T-shirt concepts in 4 days….not bad!!

Special thanks to Willie T for documenting the experience http://goodtimesmedia.tv/

and Brian Swan for his help with styling www.rhmstyle.com

—Elaine the Brain

Shooting concepts at the Days Inn … quite a challenge! 

Marek … kid in a candy store!

Behind the scenes from our Parachute Wifey shoot

Tucson, AZ


The Wifey Book team is in Arizona, two days of shooting behind us and on to the third. We shot at some amazing locations- the four hour drive to the Grand Canyon was well worth it. The view was awe-inspiring and we were able to grab 3 concepts for the book… and no one froze to death in the snow which was great. Yesterday we loaded back into the car to shoot at Mission San Xavier Del Bac and the Saguaro National Park in Tucson. Oddly enough, shooting at a Catholic church caused less of a stir than our other two locations… we got busted by a motorcycle cop at our side of the highway location. Luckily he was cool (wish we got a picture with him) and we rushed to the Saguaro National Park to catch the sun setting. Mel was on Critter/Ranger watch and I thought it was game over when we saw the Park Ranger coming down the windy road- we hid the garden shears in Marek’s coat and tried to “act natural” — which for B-Boy means posing like a cactus — (i know i have to post pictures of that!) But Ranger Bob was hella cool- told us to get moving because we have a windy 8 miles of one way road and it was getting dark, but to definitely stop by the visitor center because there would be a stargaze after dark. The drive out was a great chance to soak in the cactus spotted terrain, and to hang Lani out of the car window with the video camera… isn’t everyone glad we are documenting all of this? I can’t wait to see the edited footage. We a crazy bunch…..   —- Elaine the Brain. 

Seattle… on a TITS Tuesday.

So I am off to day to Seattle to do some portraits and meet with the lawyers at the TITS office. This book is starting to come together and we have to get all the legal stuff sorted. I am excited but nervous about such a large project. Marek assures me that all I have to do is handle the creative and that they will handle everything else. What a blessing to just be able to do what I love!

more behind the scenes from miami… love those miami wifey’s!!!

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